JustDab Live Resin Cartridges UK


JustDab Live Resin Cartridges UK

You can taste the quality on this vape cart. Hits are smooth yet strong. Atomizer build is good and oil quality is excellent.

Justdab Extracts claims everything as nug run and from 100% indoor flowers. The vape carts contain live resin, which is generally more expensive than shatter. The oil has a perfect viscosity and vaped evenly the whole way through. The oil does not have added flavors. Buy JustDab Live Resin Cartridges UK

Moreover, Justdab chose a great quality cartridge that resulted in excellent efficiency. The atomizer appeared to be wickless with a ceramic core. Upon opening it everything looked of excellent quality.
The Justdab cartridge did not taste like any flavoring is added either via terpenes or fragrances.


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