Ganja Gold Live Resin Cartridges UK


Ganja Gold Live Resin Cartridges UK

Ganja Gold Live Resin Cartridges source their products with one thing in mind: authentic plant essences and true genetics. It is important to the company that their customers experience a smooth and terpene rich experience, but also that their experience is close to what you would expect if you were to smoke the flower. Their strain specific flavors and terpene profiles allow for a pleasant tasting, smooth, smoking experience.

They are available in 12 different strain profiles including OG Kush. These cartridges only have two ingredients, the distillate and live cannabis-derived terpenes. As previously mentioned, this gives the product a rich and authentic terpene profile, which will leave you feeling pleasantly stoned. They should be used with any standard 510 thread battery.

This product has more of a “fresh plant” terpene profile than cured-bud extractions. Our live resin extraction is the tastiest and purest currently available on the market. Made for ease and convenience, our lab-tested pharmaceutical grade oil is strain specific, rich in active cannabinoids, and are completely free of additives, thinners and drama.

The vapor produced from the Ganja Gold oil pen is bright, fresh, potent and smooth. The carts worked well for small hits as well as giant lung busters.

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