Eden Extracts Cartridge UK


Eden Extracts Cartridge UK

Filled with an extremely high quality distillate which is put in a custom manufactured cartridge design made in house. While proprietary cartridge designs are often a sign of all manner of issues with clogs and light hits. It delivers to the same or perhaps one might even say higher quality than even CCELL. Buy Eden Extracts Cartridge UK

Delivers clean and thick hits from start to finish and in spite of some occasional clogs never having issues with clearing them. The cartridge never seems to suffer from any issues with overheating burning the oil yet it also delivers dense white clouds capable of sending even the most seasoned connoisseur into a coughing fit.
Not only does Eden’s cart design meet the CCELL standard. But it actually manages to exceed them in a few ways. It delivers hits not only as thick as the CCELL carts but even a touch thicker.


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