Cannavative Live Clear Cartridges UK


Cannavative Live Clear Cartridges UK

Cannavative Live Clear Cartridges

It use THC distillate oil that comes with a clear look. Overall, they are high quality vape cartridges that deliver excellent strength. They’re a Nevada only brand but they’re one of the best brands tried to date.

Crystal clear and packed full of the purest, cannabis-derived terpenes, “live clear” is a pharmaceutical-grade cannabis extract, distilled to produce the finest oil on the market. Cannavative uses CCELL hardware, specifically the TH2, which is a glass body with a ceramic top. This is the best of the CCELL line, and on top of that, they’re using awesome quality oil.

However, this is top-notch and they really could have not picked anything better. The hits are good and smooth, and there’s no burning taste when you hit it hard like on the G Pen Gio. The oil is extremely thick and Cannavative uses no additives or thickeners. It’s pretty much distillates and terpenes. Nothing to complain about here.

So far their sativa cartridges seem to be stronger than their indica cartridges. We would say overall the entire line up is very strong, even the indicas. We are just comparing strong to stronger. Nothing from Cannavative is average strength.

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